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11+ Mock Exams

Examberry 11+ Exams

June to October

GL Stage 1 Maths & English

GL Stage 2 Maths & English


Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

Exam Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

Valuable Practice

Our mock exams held in Ealing, Kingston and Slough, provide valuable exam practice for all children taking the 11+ tests. Attending a mock day – with tests done under exam conditions – is a very useful experience to familiarise children with the feelings and anxieties they will encounter on the test day itself. The children will need to be independent, look after their own clear pencil cases and other belongings, and ask questions for themselves.

We recommend all children register for a minimum of 2 exams.

The most appropriate tests for your child depends on the schools you have applied for.

Each unique set of papers has a code eg CEM1 and CEM2 are two different sets of CEM style mock papers. It is therefore possible to sit more than one set of CEM exams.

Marked Papers and Results Analysis

Answers for each exam can be found on our website by 3pm on the day of the exam.

GL Stage 1, CEM, VR/NVR Papers
Children will be given their test papers to take home after each exam. Their answer sheets will be collected for marking. The marked sheets will be scanned and emailed to you within 7 days.

GL Stage 2 Maths Papers and English Papers

These will be collected from children for marking and corrections. They will then be posted to you within 7 days.

The highest, lowest and average scores for each of the exams will be available on the Examberry website within 5 DAYS of each  exam.

CEM Exam Papers

These are primarily for the Slough Consortium Schools. The papers are also suitable for the London 11+ Consortium which includes Nottinghill and Ealing School. There are four separate mocks CEM1, CEM2, CEM3 and CEM4.

CEM papers will be collected after each exam to be marked, scanned and then emailed to you within 7 days.

GL Exam Papers Stage 1 & 2

Stage 1 Maths & English A papers (ME1A, ME2A, ME3A) are primarily multiple choice questions and are suitable for First Stage Grammar Schools exams where there is a two stage admission process e.g Tiffin School.

‘A’ papers will be collected after each exam to be marked, scanned and then emailed to you within 7 days.

Stage 2 Maths & English B papers (ME1B, ME2B, ME3B) are longer written and detailed questions (ie. creative writing, longer maths style questions) which are suitable for Independent Schools and 2nd Stage Grammar Schools. 

‘B’ papers will be collected, marked with corrections, and posted to you within 7 days.

Timetable and Registration

Booking online will be available shortly. If you would prefer not to wait and would like to book your exams now, please call us on 07760 306630.


1 x exam = £75  for ME ‘A’, CEM and VN
= £85  for ME ‘B’
2 x exams = 7% discount
3 x exams = 15% discount
4 x exams = 25% discount
5 or more exams = 27% discount

Existing Examberry students receive a 25% discount on the above fees.


Mock Exam Enquiries

07476 093028

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Exam Venues

St Andrew’s Church Centre
Mount Park Road, Ealing W5 2RS

Kingston United Reformed Church
Eden Street, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1HZ

Langley College (EBC)
Langley Campus, Station Road SL3 8BY