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We can give your child the core skills, confidence and the practice they need to achieve their very best.

We pride ourselves on lifting the standards of all our pupils and demonstrating this with regular feedback.

We believe that parents should play an integral part in improving their children’s performance and we always make time to keep parents informed of progress.

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Year 4 Foundation Course (11 months)

Our foundation course provides one hour of Maths and one hour of English. Whilst covering KS2, the course is geared towards the requirements of the 11+ exams and leads nicely on to the 11+ course in September.

We recommend that all pupils thinking about the 11+ exams should enrol for the Foundation Course as over the years, pupils who have attended this course have found it to be extremely valuable.

Year 5 11+ Course (11 months)

This follows on from the Foundation Course consisting of 4 sections: Maths, Standard & Creative English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and CEM for 2 hours 45 minutes each week. 

We help children develop the stamina required to learn and prepare for their exams, and to understand exam technique.

Parents are always supported every step of the way.

Year 6 Independent School & 11+ Stage 2 Prep (13 weeks)

This is about consolidation of English and Maths skills to strengthen children’s self-confidence and fine tune exam technique. We focus on English comprehension exercises which demand written answers, and on creative writing. In Maths we concentrate on applying knowledge and skills learnt to the sorts of problems faced on independent school and 11+ Stage 2 papers.

Children will also prepare for the inevitable interview.

Year 4 Summer Intensive Course (2 weeks)

For those who have missed or were unable to attend our Year 4 Foundation Course, held from September until July, this Intensive Course is perfect to prepare your child for the faster paced Year 5 Course.

Key aspects of Maths and English covered in year 4 will be revised to ensure a confident understanding of topics before proceeding to Year 5. 

Year 5 Summer Intensive 11+ Course (1 and 2 week courses)

Intensive courses cover Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal skills. Daily homework is a consolidation of the classwork. Courses are for 1 or 2 weeks.

The majority of the course is focused on teaching and revising all the main 11+ topics. During the latter part of the course the focus shifts onto exam practice, techniques, corrections and review.

Creative Writing Workshop for Year 5 (4 days)

Our Creating Writing Workshops enhance English skills and also prepares for the challenging London independent school exams. We use frameworks to ensure children have clear expectations of writing at the top level for each age group.

Each child receives a creating writing resource pack to take home and an assessment of their writing.