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Year 4 Summer Intensive Foundation Course

Year 4 Summer Foundation Course

August – Hounslow Centre, New Malden Centre or Online

10 day course – 3.5 hours per day or 5 hours per day online


Our Year 4 Intensive Courses benefit all children moving into Year 5 whether or not they continue with Examberry. Students intending to progress to our Year 5 Courses and who were unable to attend, or only partially attended our 11 month Year 4 Course, would benefit from the preparation this would provide for the faster pace of learning in Year 5. Our classes have a maximum of 9 children to ensure that each child receives individual attention as well as having healthy competition.

Intensive tuition covers Maths and English. Homework is given daily and is a consolidation of the classwork. The majority of the course is focused on teaching and revising all the main year 4 topics.



Timetable and Enquiries

If you would like to speak to someone please call 07733 554 447 or complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss your booking and to answer any questions that you may have.

Fees and Registration

£860 for non-Examberry students
£800 for existing Examberry students

50% is payable on registration. The balance is due a week before the course starts. 

If you would like to reserve your place now you can do so via the payment button.

 *Cancellations are subject to a charge of £200 per booking if this occurs within 7 days of the course starting. A £50 cancellation fee will be applied otherwise.


Term Dates 2019 – 2020

Term 1
Mon 9th Sep 19 – Sun 2oth Oct 19 (6 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 21st Oct – Sun 27th Oct)
NO Classes on Mon 21st, Tue 22nd, Wed 23rd, Thu 24th, Fri 25th, Sat 26th, Sun 27th
Mon 28th Oct 19 – Sun 15th Dec 19 (7 weeks)

Term 2
Mon 6th Jan 20 – Sun 16th Feb 20 (6 weeks)
Half term holiday (Mon 17th Feb – Sun 23rd Feb)
NO Classes on Mon 17th, Tue 18th, Wed 19th, Thu 20th, Fri 21st, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd
Mon 24th Feb 20 – Sun 5th Apr 20 (6 weeks)

Term 3
Mon 20th April 20 – Sun 24th May 20 (5 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 25th May – Sun 31st May)
NO Classes on Mon 25th, Tue 26th, Wed 27th, Thu 28th, Fri 29th, Sat 30th, Sun 31st

Mon 1st Jun 20 – Sun 19th Jul 20 (7 weeks)

Download 2019 – 2020 Calendar




Term Dates 2020 – 2021

Term 1
Mon 7th Sep 20 – Sun 25th Oct 20 (7 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 26th Oct – Sun 1st Nov)
NO Classes on Mon 26th, Tue 27th, Wed 28th, Thu 29th, Fri 30th, Sat 31st, Sun 1st
Mon 2nd Nov 20 – Sun 13th Dec 20 (6 weeks)

Term 2
Mon 4th Jan 21 – Sun 14th Feb 21 (6 weeks)
Half term holiday (Mon 15th Feb – Sun 21st Feb)
NO Classes on Mon 15th, Tue 16th, Wed 17th, Thu 18th, Fri 19th, Sat 20th, Sun 21st
Mon 22nd Feb 21 – Sun 28th Mar 21 (5 weeks)

Term 3
Mon 19th April 21 – Sun 30th May 21 (6 weeks)
Half term holidays (Mon 31st May – Sun 6th Jun)
NO Classes on Mon 31st, Tue 1st, Wed 2nd, Thu 3rd, Fri 4th, Sat 5th, Sun 6th
Mon 7th Jun 21 – Sun 25th Jul 21 (7 weeks)





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