Year 5 11+ Creative Writing Course



Year 5 Creative Writing Course


  • Our Creative Writing Course enhances English skills.
  • Prepares for the challenging London independent school exams.
  • Benefits all children sitting the 11+ second stage grammar and independent school exams for Year 7 entry.
  • 3 day course.
  • 9.00am – 1.30pm (with 2 short breaks).

Course Details 2022

School Year

Children in Year 5, moving into Year 6 in September 2022

Course Length

3 days



Exam types we prepare for

Original Coursebook Included

Examberry Tuition Coursework Covers_Creative Writing

What does the course focus on?

Technical skills of writing

  • Vocabulary development: how to express thoughts through powerful and distinctive word choices
  • Description: how to build a descriptive style ready for use in the exam room, using adjectives, imagery and figures of speech.
  • Sentence building: how to use different sentence types to express a range of thoughts, feelings and attitudes.
  • Paragraphing and punctuating: how to structure thoughts clearly, precisely and with technical accuracy.
  • Drafting and redrafting: how to eliminate mistakes and maximise marks.

How to develop responses to different writing tasks

  • Creative: composing narratives and stories.
  • Persuasive: incorporating emotional words and phrases, rhetorical questions and details to persuade a reader to their way of thinking.
  • Argumentative: developing a powerful, convincing argument through structured, authoritative writing.

Writing in the style of an author

  • This is a task found often in independent school writing exams.
  • How to plan effectively in a short space of time, step by step, with a multi-layered approach to building texts.
  • How to write to time under exam conditions.
  • Marking and feedback.

Post-course material

All course materials are included, and pupils leave the course with additional materials which they can use after the course has finished.

Year 5 Creative Writing Course Formats 2022

Online: Group

£ 399 £149 off for existing students
  • All coursework resources included
  • 3 day course 9.00am – 1.30pm (with 2 short breaks)
  • Friendly, focused classes
  • Designed for effective online learning

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